What is the best self defense/conditioning exercise?

I would like to begin a conditioning program (strength and cardio), but would also like to add a self defense aspect to it. I would like it to be low physical impact (ie. not kick boxing) I want to learn how to defend myself as well. Any ideas?

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8 Responses to What is the best self defense/conditioning exercise?

  1. jamia p says:

    well what i do is when someone tries to mess with me i kick them in the balls and if your a boy i have no idea in hell!!!

  2. modern wushu says:

    run away from the trouble.

  3. dove says:

    I can recommend you Chinese martial arts – teach yourself.

  4. eatonwrite says:

    Tae Bo—videos not hard to find.

    situps/crunches, and squats with a bit of weight on your shoulders—like a 20-lb barbell. Correct punching gets power from the legs.

    swimming and vigorous sex are the two best exercises for the entire body—tho vigorous sex is not always low-impact. 😉

    one can defend oneself better with a backhand or backfist or with elbows and knees better than with fists or feet. Never attempt a high kick—all men expect to be kicked in the balls, but a kick to the knees, a knee to the opponents knee, an elbow to the midsection, a head-butt from your forehead to their nose—these work better.

    Also—pepper spray works REALLY well…..Brian

  5. zaphodsclone says:

    Any training will help with conditioning and improved health.

    Self-Defense is another matter entirely.


  6. Bluto Blutarsky7 says:

    ok, first off you need to find a school that trains realistically.

    if you are looking for a “low impact” school, then you aren’t learning self-defence and there are other more efficient and better work outs for you.

    actual sparring and full resistance drills and stregth building two man drills (not so much designed to train technique, but to train stregth in a 3d fashion, although many do train technique).

    the best “conditioning” you can do as far as excercise goes depends on your goals but if it is not long distance running related then it is going to be HIIT (high intensity interval training).

  7. Don O says:

    Heavy bag work

  8. Christopher H says:

    I don’t mean to sound sarcastic but exercise your brain. Understand how to avoid dangerous situations and how to become aware of potential threats.

    Beyond that, strength training and carido will be beneficial. Fighting is anaerobic rather than aerobic so try wind sprints, at lot of them.

    Core strength is probably the most important area. So squats, back exercises and ab exercises are important. Most fights end up in a grappling situation so hand strength is also important.

    Don’t hesitated to train at good martial arts school. But remember that most such schools will not discuss things like awareness, avoidance, risky behavior or many other important aspects of self defense that do not pertain directly to physical contact.

    Good luck.

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