What is the best type of martial arts for self defense?

I want to take a martial art that focuses mainly on self-defense. I was hoping some one could tell me the names of some good styles that focus on this.

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10 Responses to What is the best type of martial arts for self defense?

  1. GOD says:


  2. Chuck says:

    BJJ, San Soo, Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Savate, Thai, hell they all fit this bill.
    Self defense is keeping safe, so whatever choice of safety you choose…
    Ring or Sporting Styles you will get hit.
    Traditional some you will, some you won’t.
    The safety is in the element you are in and train for.
    MMA a ring, Street Defense teaches gun awareness, whereas MMA has no need of this skill. That is not to say a skilled MMA fighter doesn’t possess this skill. Just that MMA does not represent this skill as guns are not a factor.
    So choose what is your preferance.
    I have Cold Steel Master Tantos I practice with daily. They are razors to say the least and can cut thru 6″ hemp rope hanging with 1 slice with ease as shown on TV. It’s fun to me to learn various counters and strikes etc with them, but when will I ever use this in life, never I hope and see.
    So I study a way that really is of little actual value, other than a BLAST!

  3. super s says:

    in my opinion kenpo karate it is simple yet effective many of the techniques learned in kenpo karate can be effectively used in many real life situations i would not recommend any style of kung fu if your main concern if self defense while kung fu if effective it is very difficult to learn and when not well learned it can be very ineffective many kung fu styles combine speed and light attacks in repetition but the attacks are many but you must know where to strike or your most likely going to get you but kicked so and i also not recommend boxing it is far to simple and if your against an experienced fighter they will know to go for you legs once they know your a boxer and i think kenpo karate is the easiest to learn and when i say this i am not saying that other styles of fighting are inferior to kenpo karate except boxing i just thin that kenpo is the most effective and easy to learn style

  4. Frank the tank says:

    For striking: muay thai, boxing, san shou, kickboxing, kyokushin and shidokan karate.

    For grappling: judo, brazilian jujitsu, wrestling, sambo.

  5. jordan says:

    jujitsu, wrestling, sambo

  6. Jay 101 says:

    Aikido could be the best for defense if you choose the right dojo!

    Also Krav Maga is awesome!

    Judo is also very effective! Actually it is largely underrated for street defense! It is the best martial art for takedowns! Only Aikido is a close second.

  7. Sensei Miller says:

    Whatever style you decide on, I suggest you observe the class before starting. Make sure you are learning from a dedicated instructor, one that is motivated by teaching rather than your pocket! Styles in my opinion that you should research are: Kenpo, Jeet Kune Do, Tai Chi Kung Fu and, if you want to learn an aggressive style, Iron Fist Kung Fu. The more styles you learn, the more knowledge you acquire about self defense, until you create you own style.

  8. Money Shot says:

    Kenpo, but as always it depends on the instructor

  9. KungFu says:

    Krav Maga or Ninjutsu.

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