What is the best way to learn self-defense at home?

I am wondering what is the best way to learn self-defense at home? Are there any good books, DVD’s, websites, etc…?
It doesn’t have to be a martial art by the way.

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  1. yraelynaffit says:

    I did Tae Bo, to work on getting in shape, and it teaches you a lot of stuff… It’s fun exercise, but there are a lot of ‘moves’ that could be considered martial arts!

  2. Flawless E says:

    work out and at the same time try to gain
    ur agility, Just work out doesnt really need a vidieo
    if u want videio check out the late night-morning paid programs
    its in the AM’s

  3. Razorblade says:

    Self defense is a very simple art. You do not have to defeat your enemy, only protect yourself. I would suggest learning through sparring. Get a friend or family member to spar against you. Remember to stretch correctly before sparring, and spar with as many different people as possible. Search the web for help on self defense, and look into Tae Kwon Do, Parkour, and any other self defense related art.


  4. aldoz f says:

    search yahoo or google for “learn self-defense at home”
    and urban ninja..haha!

  5. SexyTrojan says:

    Self defense is useless without a partner to fight with.

    You may as well use Tae Bo.

  6. AlleyCat says:

    I’ve seen Tai Bow DVDs at HMV in the exercise and sports section of the store. You can also check with you local library. Of course there are also martial arts books you can buy. I have one from Bruce Lee’s teaching.

  7. quiksilver8676 says:

    Learning Self defense from a book or a movie doesn’t show you the exact techiniques you’ll need to be more effective in your techniques.

    and you can’t ask the books or movies about any questions you may have.

    so I’d say you may be out of luck there. The books and movies are good for reference only, and used for furthering techniques or learning another way to apply a technique that has already been studied.

    the best way I could say to learn self defense is to take a self defense class, or study a Martial Art, sorry there’s really not any other way to truthfully say it, and learn self defense in a proper manner.

  8. Dan G says:


    go here and u can buy books, videos and training weapons

    i used to train in ju jitsu, kung fu, karate, and tae kwon do

    i dropped out and use the books and videos, they work pretty good, and its better if u do it with someone to have a subject to train with

  9. arrogant bastard says:

    Watch Bas Rutten’s self defense videos. I watch them on youtube.

  10. Philip says:

    The best self defense is your brain. You learn to be observant and intuitive so you can avoid trouble before it can ruin your day.

    If it comes to an exchange of blows or grappling, the best thing you could have is experience. Not shadow boxing, not point sparring, fighting experience. Any one whos fought in a real world situation can tell you, you learn alot from each experience. You learn that you need to keep your head in the game and that situational training is BS. You need to react to what is occuring, not planning what you do if and when this happens. Theres no real secrets as traditionalists would have you think. A tremendous amount of fighting is common sense. You seen and opening and your taking it, you can knee someone, so you do.

    You wanna learn what works and what doesn’t try putting on a pair of gloves, maybe some headgear and fighting with a friend. Training moves on a compliant person in your dojo won’t prove anything. You opponent must want to to win also or else you are training to get attacked by a scarecrow.

  11. kilroymaster says:

    To be honest going to a school or a do-jo is the best way to learn.
    video’s are next in line. But a good set of video’s will cost you just as much if not more then what a decent school would charge you………… Also remember that some schools out there want to get rich off of you so really check out their prices and do not be afraid to compare.

  12. Dav says:

    You would be better off taking a self-defense class at your local Y. They are usually only a couple of classes, and are relatively inexpensive.

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