What is the difference between Jujitsu is Brazilian Jujitsu?

Question by jbriant399: What is the difference between Jujitsu is Brazilian Jujitsu?
What is the difference between Jujitsu is Brazilian Jujitsu and what is more effective in a fight situation. I have been told that Brazilian Jujitsu is superior because their training is more situation oriented whereas traditional Jujitsu is more like stand there and let me put you in arm bar.

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Answer by mac1hull
Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu, BJJ or basically just Judo, is just a knock-off of Kodokan Judo invented by Dr. Jigoro Kano.

Japanese Jiu-jitsu has many, many styles and is very effective in a street fight.

Because most of the Japanese Jiu-Jitsu techniques are extremely dangerous, such as eye gouges or live sword techniques, they cannot be praticed in sparring (without maiming or killing your partner). So those very dangerous finger breaking, eye gouging, leg cranking, neck snapping, skin ripping, ear tearing, wrist breaking techniques are practiced in either ‘kata’ or ‘waza’.

Like a boxer beating on a heavy bag or speed bag or shadow boxing, a lot of nasty Jiu-Jitsu techniques are practiced safely in kata or waza.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a ring fighting sport for trophies in front of screaming ticket buying fans$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ . BJJ does not teach you how to defend against weapons, multiple attacks, or how to use weapons.

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  1. R. Lee says:

    There are many styles that are jujutsu but they vary a lot in terms of training philosophy. Competition is the best way to ensure quality instruction and to develop and test skills but one must acquire the skills first through demonstration and then repetition, thus the compliant stuff in all martial arts such as hitting targets or doing drills.

  2. Beatchanter says:

    To my knowledge of the history of Jujitsu is, Jujitsu is what all the schools of empty hand samurai combat called their styles. There were many schools of Jujitsu at one point, because not all the feudal lords were in good standing with each other. Not all grouops of samurai got along, or even communicated. So, styles developed. As the Meiji restoration hit, Samurai were disbanded, one school of Jujitsu created Judo, which is huge in America and in Japan today. Another school had Brazilian students who created BJJ, and brought their styule back to Brazil. There are still other schools that went different directions. Aikijitsu, Aikido, etc…

  3. Jay 101 says:

    Jujitsu is actually SUPERIOR to Brazilian Jujitsu! Thats a fact!

    Because BJJ teaches you techniques that are used for sport COMPETITION not a street fight! And the last thing you want to do is be rolling around on the ground looking for a submission like BJJ does during a street fight!

    Regular Jujitsu teaches defense against weapons and defense against multiple attackers. Whereas BJJ does not!

    Honestly, regular Jujitsu is much more effective then BJJ!

    P.S. BJJ is basically the ground game of Judo! And Judo was created from Jujitsu!

  4. sirtanaka says:

    BJJ is an extant of Jujitsu…Jujitsu was brought to South America in the early 1900’s, and was propagated by the Gracie family and others.

    Brazilian Jujitsu has gained prominence in MMA, but long before the advent of the UFC it was a international combat art.

  5. TLE_MGR says:

    There is no difference. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is just Jiu Jitsu brought from Japan.

    Now Gracie Jiu Jitsu, that is superior to all other Martial Arts, as proven time and time again.

  6. VIP says:

    I have taken both, and BJJ is more effective, even in a street fight. Most of the times, a fight will end up on the ground. Then again, if you are attacked by 4 people… then don’t worry, you will be screwed with any martial art.. unless you are Steven Segal in a movie.

    Many will say that jujitsu can’t be used since its deadly groin kicks and snaps to the neck… but that is simple to eliminate for a UFC fight. Last time i heard… there have been no pure jujitsu champs at UFC.

  7. Batman M says:

    well japanese jujitsu is very harsh to the body, also is stressful to the body and joints. Brazilian jujitsu was made for smaller fighters, also for competitions.

  8. Ken C says:

    There are stylistic and some significant technical differences between Jiujitsu and BJJ, but on the whole they are very similar in nature and concept.

    Brazilian is a later version of Japanese Jiujitsu whcih gained in popularity because of some good promotional efforts and television exposure.

    Which is the more effective. Easy, the one you like more and can employ more effectively. IF you learn either from a qualified and experienced instructor, you will acquire tools, knowledge, and efficiency that will help you in a defensive situation. That said, there are no guarantess in any system of defense.

    Ken C
    9th Dan HapMoosaKi-Do
    8th Dan TaeKwon-Do
    7th Dan YongChul-Do

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