What is the difference between Karate and Chinese martial arts forms and techniques?

Every time I watch someone perform a karate kata, I can’t help but notice that it looks different from watching Chinese martial arts. What is it that I’m seeing that is different?

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5 Responses to What is the difference between Karate and Chinese martial arts forms and techniques?

  1. Ssc says:

    Well chinese martial arts encompass many martial arts like deep Hung Gar stances, or lots of acrobatic moves like in Changquan. They look different because the moves have different applications and uses. Karate is also a broad umbrella term for Japanese styles like Shotokan, Goju-ryu,Wado-Ryu. So what you are seeing is the vast array of different moves in Chinese and Karate styles, and the different styles that Karate and Chinese Martial arts encompass

  2. Karateka says:

    Actually, you can see the evolution of some forms from the original Chinese (this, of course, only applies to forms of Chinese origin). Bear in mind, there are a lot of Chinese martial arts (over 300) but only a couple of them actually influenced Karate.


  3. Gerardo Rico-agular says:

    well karate was born in okinawa…brought by chinese settlers from china they were called(the 35 families) they brought kung fu with them which eventually became okinawa te or tode…karate roots from chinese white crane boxing from kung fu.

    The only reason you don’t see acrobatics in kung fu is because they focus more on basic movements that are practical and just purely deadly.

    Kung fu forms differ from karate in two main ways
    1)karate is more of a linear attack system——kung fu is more circular movement
    2)kung fu forms cover more ground and are more all over the place——karate Kata’s are more in close and have less movement(meaning not so much all over the place)

    they are both unique in their own way and are both well rounded. their Kata’s and forms have different but same applications…..Either way they are great arts….

  4. LIONDANCER says:

    Which Chinese martial art are you talking about? There are hundreds. Which Karate style are you talking about? Japanese Karate styles are very different from Okinawan Karate styles.
    You are watching different styles. They all generate power very differently. Japanese Karate is very external and uses strength and technique and is very rooted in it’s stances. Okinawan Karate is more mobile but still an external art. Chinese martial arts are from more internal to a lot more internal, much more agile with training in aerial awarenes in most styles. Some styles generate their power from speed, others from relaxation, others from rooting but differently than karate.
    This is just a very superficial and simple explanation. To explain in detail what you are asking would take a book to write or a few years of training in both.

  5. Ymarsakar says:

    If the karateka is using 2 man kumite and doing the kata and its bunkai, it will look a lot closer to Chinese qong fu suc has shorter short styles, white crane, etc. The kata done solo, from a Japanese stand point ,does look very different in the leg movements. Between karate and tai chi, no comparison.

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