What is the difference between kung fu and karate shito-ryu?

I take karate and my cousin will be taking kung fu from white dragon martial arts. Do they do kata? And will it be worth to try out?
I just called my cousin and he said it is Choy Li Fut.

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7 Responses to What is the difference between kung fu and karate shito-ryu?

  1. Paula Sargent says:

    its the same

  2. IDF says:

    One is from China another from Japan

  3. OC Bujinkan says:

    Kung Fu is a blanket term, while Karate Shito-ryu is a specific style of Karate.

    It’s a bit like comparing “granny smith apples” to “berries”, inversely. They’re both fruit, but one is categorical, while the other is specific.

  4. leoma chad says:

    difference: a lot!!!!!!
    same:they’re both martial arts

  5. Blake Mcwilliams says:

    Diffrent, but now you can have fun sparring matches.

  6. LIONDANCER says:

    Shito ryu karate was founded by Kenwa Mabuni from Shuri in Okinawa. Kung Fu is Chinese martial art and incorporates hundreds of styles. Choy Li Fut was founded by Chan Heung and even though it is considered a southern style it also has origins in the northern style since Chan Heung had a southern and a northern teacher.
    Kung fu does forms but they are called TaoLu not Kata.
    If it is a good Kung fu teacher it is well worth to try out and Kung Fu compliments Karate very well provided you have a real good foundation in Karate, which translates that you are a black belt in Karate.
    Kung Fu generates power through speed and agility. Flexibility in Kung Fu is very important. It takes longer to learn Kung Fu.

  7. ? says:

    Shito-ryu is one of many kinds of Karate. Kung Fu has Wushu, Wing Chun, Sanshou… etc. You have to be more specific. You should try it an see how it works for you, although, I honestly doubt Kung Fu on many levels.

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