What is the most dangerous type of self defense?

I mean, what type of karate or like self-defense? If you understand what I am asking, help me out please.

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14 Responses to What is the most dangerous type of self defense?

  1. Jake G says:

    “Most Dangerous” is a weird question, but if you are looking for “most effective” perhaps, I would go with Krav Maga.

    It’s an Israeli martial art, more of a system really, totaly devoid of any artsy-ness. There is no show in the art, and there are no competitions, as you are trained only to disable or kill as quickly as possible. You are trained as if your life depends on every fight, and as such, you are taught to kill by any means necesary, including the fabled thumb through the eye socket.

    You are consistently trained in situations where you are at a disadvantage: unarmed against an armed man, against more than one opponent, beginning from a seated position, etc.

    This is taught to police and military forces around the world. Watered down version are taught to civilians, but for legal reasons the same training techniques are not used, and so one can not become as effective in the civilian training version.

  2. animespaz says:

    Judo. You learn to kill people and not just injure them

  3. the_silverfoxx says:

    ti._chi. is the most dangerious .

  4. MikeTG says:

    Brazilian Jui Jitsu

  5. Dan says:

    A question for the ages, my friend. Every martial artist who specializes in one form of martial art is going to make the claim that their martial art is the best, or the most dangerous, or the most deadly, or the they may even make the most arrogant claim of all…their art is the best overall.

    To be honest, as a Mixed Martial Artist and also having some form of knowledge in many other form of martial arts (aside from just what I practice), it is purely situational. There is no one true martial art out there that is the best, as a lot of them are applicable in different situations. I dare not make any suggestion as to what martial art you should take, but I do suggest studying one none-the-less.

    I feel that Martial Arts not only add discipline to one’s life, but also it gives you the ability to avoid fights by treating an aggressor with a different attitude than one normally would. Study up on which martial arts until you have found one that you feel would apply to your needs, and then make your desicion.

    I personally train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, and free-style wrestling. I do this because I am a mixed martial artist, and these arts give me the necessary knowledge and skill I need to succeed in my sport.

  6. Honor Among the Demons says:

    What do you consider dangerous? I gotta to say Vale Tudo becuase that is the style where you learn to always be in position of advantage and put other in really bad position while you pounds them or break their bone.

    However good luck find school that teach you this off bat. You’ll usually need to learn Muay Thai or other strikes art and have some grappling experience first. Otherwise it’ll just not work.

  7. shanoknowsmma says:

    a gun

  8. STEVE T says:

    I will go with Jake on this one …..Krav Maga…iv’e been doing it for a while now,(im wont bore you with the background…Jake beat me to it)….But it is a self-defense system that is based on reaction…So it teaches …Defend yourself first then immediately unleash Hell….Groin strikes…stamping on knee joints..and yes even the gouging the eye…headbutting…..its like dirty fighting..and also defending from Knife/bottle…Baseball bat and Gun attacks…

  9. crazy_fuzzy_bunny says:

    To borrow a line from Ask A Ninja – The one that kills you.

  10. J says:

    Billy Blanks Tai Bo.

  11. Ramon Vazquez says:

    My Opinion: All Styles!!!!!!!

  12. Jim74 says:

    I would say that it all depends on what you mean by dangerous. If you are looking to defend yourself on the streets, then I would say look for something that will be practical for real world self defense. I currently train in RBSD and we train with realistic techniques. If you can’t find a reality system in your area, then at least find a system that covers combat in all ranges.

    Jim M.

  13. Zenshin Academy says:

    There is not such thing as MOST or BEST. Everything is up to those who practice it. If I had to give an answer it would be any one that worked for you.

  14. SpiritWolf says:

    Martial arts and self-defense systems are not dangerous, people are dangerous.

    You will fight in real life the way you train. The art has to fit you as an individual and you have to have th spirit to fight. You can study hard, train hard, and be very good at what you do, but if you train to count points, you will find it hard to strike with power. If you train hard only for self defense but lack kokoro (heart, spirit) you will be beaten.

    Who would you rather face: a trained fighter with no reason to fight you or a mother defending the life of her child?

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