What is the most easily learned self defense for men and children without having to study traditional forms?

My 13 year old son and I would like to learn some effective self defense training without all the class time spent on conditioning and forms. Just want to learn how to defend ourselves in an attack. Is it Hapkido, Aikido, etc?

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4 Responses to What is the most easily learned self defense for men and children without having to study traditional forms?

  1. Happiness is a Warm Gun says:

    watch Miss Congeniality.

  2. yahooarefacists says:

    Stop being a lazy ass! There is no short cut to learning a martial art. Do the work or get some mace you lard ass!

  3. Phil L says:

    Any martial art takes discipline, time, and training. Unless you’re wanting your defense techniques to be entirely ineffective there’s no easy way around it.

    Defense is almost all about proper form. You can’t release yourself from a strong choke hold unless you know how to properly manipulate the situation.

  4. Erica - Extreme Makeover Edition says:

    Take a course on awareness and personal safety, so you learn how to NOT put yourself into situations where you’d need to physically defend yourselves.

    Self-defense training requires a person to get into good physical condition, and to train repetitiously until the movements become second nature – what is also called “muscle memory.” There is no short-cut to this. You can’t get in good shape without conditioning, and you can’t fight if you aren’t in good shape. For a well conditioned fighter or martial artist, the typical street encounter can be ended simply by letting the aggressor chase you around a car a dozen times. They’ll be so out of breath they won’t be able to harm you. Most people are in dreadful physical shape, and they fight on adrenaline, which lasts about 2 minutes.

    To defend yourself effectively, you need to learn how to control your emotions, utilize your endurance effectively, and not give in to hysteria. People who get attacked by surprise are usually going to get hurt, whether they have training or not. If they are well trained and tough, they might give back as good as they get, and if they are lucky they might defeat the opponent, or scare them off. Ordinary people who get attacked by surprise usually don’t fight back because they never knew what hit them.

    Most conflicts in the real world are diffusable, or avoidable. People *allow* them to escalate out of pride and stupidity. These are the encounters that end up with the police carting both people off to jail, or the ER. You don’t need any martial arts training to prevent these sorts of attack. You just need common sense and a little humility.

    When you have no choice, can’t walk/run away or talk yourself out of a situation, you are in BIG trouble. You have to think very carefully about what you are going to do. If you feel your life is in imminent physical danger, you can defend yourself with force, up to and including deadly force, but that is no guarantee you won’t go to prison. As a trained martial artist, you are going to be judged harder than a regular Joe. This is the LAST, WORST way to defend yourself.

    I suggest you get a whistle, put 911 on your speed-dial, and carry a bottle of pepper spray. Unless you are willing to dedicate the time required to train FOR REAL, you are just going to get into more fights, because you’ll think you can defend yourself when you really can’t.

    The best defense is to not be there, or to talk your way out of it.

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