What is the most embarrrasing moment for you in martial arts?

for me it was doing a kata and my Gi bottoms ripped during a kick and luckily I had underwear on!!

Any others have stories?

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9 Responses to What is the most embarrrasing moment for you in martial arts?

  1. ca_purcell says:

    My first time grading. I knew everything I had to know until it came time to do it. I got up infront of senei with my training partner began… And I did the wrong technique. Infact, I don’t think it was any technique that was part of grading.

  2. ~jenz~ says:

    I farted when I did a high kick…oops!

  3. Aaron says:

    haha fart

  4. Wolf says:

    Well it was not mine personally but a friend of mine’s from my Dojo at a tournament. He literlay crapped his pants doing a kata for the judges right near them, real loud and well thats about as graphic as Ill get.

    I felt so bad for him. He must have gotten so nervous or was sick i do not know but that was it for me!

  5. JIM R says:

    At a major tournament,(The Internationals),my gear bag was stolen and I had to search and find friends to borrow money to buy a cup & mouthpiece.

    Another time,(at the Internationals),after all the preparation,hard work,and training,I lost my first fight right off the bat……..In front of a large group of friends.
    (Dam guys from Hong Kong,they take things so serious)

  6. brandoski888 says:

    I just started learning TKD, and my friend who taught at the now-non-existant school pushed everyone super hard and at an extremely fast pace through all the drills. Enough to make me throw up within an hour… in front of the master… on my friend’s gym bag.

  7. shotokantiger71 says:

    OMG for me had to be when I went to kick a heavy bag and my ground leg just went out from under me and I landed on my a** lol

  8. Chris F says:

    bursting into tears during a belt test

  9. spidertiger440 says:

    Lots of farts here too. Karate seems to open up the wind passage.
    We have a strict school. No wiping your nose.
    I have had many snot rockets fly out during training. It is kind of nasty.

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