What is the name of the movement sequences in martial arts?

In martial arts there are sequences of movements that must be memorized. I forget what they’re called. Is it kata? What is the Chinese term?
What are some ways to remember them better (along with practice)?

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  1. ElDuderino says:

    Kata, not sure what they call it in Chinese. The best way to remember them is repetition repetition repetition. Other than that, I used to run through the sequences in my mind when I was waiting on line for something or was just sitting idle with nothing else to do. Keep practicing.

  2. Sensei Scandal says:

    In Chinese they are called Kuen, also spelled Kun. It means Fist.

    The only way to remember them is to do them repeatedly.

  3. Italian Donna says:

    It’s called the “kata.”

  4. mohamad nizam m says:

    In SILAT we called it as BELEBAT. In the world championships it called solo (one performer) competition. For sparring TEMPUR (2 performer) and for more than 4 called as MASAL. The easy way to remember is to use imagery training. Let say your competition must finish in 2 minute. Start the stop watch and you start imagine the movements. And make sure that when the time is 2 minutes you also finish the imagery training. It is hard but with constant training you can achieve.

    More trouble if you train with your friend. Sometimes he finished first before you. So both of you should start and finish at the same time to make all the physical and mental training succeed.

    Good luck.

  5. Tad K says:

    I think a close English term would be “form”. In taekwondo there are several forms we have to memorize from different styles, such as taeguk and koryo.

  6. The blackbelt guitarist says:

    They have many different names but “Kata” is the most famous word.

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