What is your favorite Shotokan Kata?

I like Yondan. Any one else?

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5 Responses to What is your favorite Shotokan Kata?

  1. Wulf says:

    I love Gojushiho sho. its a Black belt kata versus a Heion Kata, but of those Kata I think I prefer Yondan as well for its gracefull moves in the beginning and sharper strikes than the previous three.

  2. spidertiger440 says:

    I like the Tekki kata best.
    They are powerful and build leg strength.

  3. Ray H says:

    Heian shodan.

  4. Takezo says:

    Kihon kata

  5. skimarcus says:

    If my Sensei asks, it’s Heian Shodan. If anyone else asks, it’s any one of the Tekki Katas.

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