What it the punishment for self defense and running from the police?

What I mean is, what would be the punishment if someone killed a person who was a murderer and ran away, not knowing that that person was a murderer, but knowing that the police would be after them. Would there even be a punishment? I mean, that is self-defense.

Just curious.

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  1. Fly by night on feathered wings says:

    Question Sense No your Makes

  2. Brandon Pham says:

    In truth, you wouldn’t be charged with anything due to it being self-defence, your life was put in danger, and you absolutely had no choice but to fight back, even with accidental death you are not at fault, and if the investigation team does their job and finds all the clues pertaining to the attack/self-defence. You should be safe.

  3. Love.Canada says:

    No, its murder, where did the self-defense come in?

  4. DoTheRightThing says:

    When there is a mutual combat upon a sudden quarrel both parties are the aggressors, and if in the fight one is killed it will be manslaughter at least, unless the survivor can prove two things: 1st. That before the mortal stroke was given be had refused any further combat, and had retreated as far as he could with safety; and 2d. That he killed his adversary from necessity, to avoid his own destruction.

    A defense to certain criminal charges involving force (e.g. murder).

    Use of force is justified when a person reasonably believes that it is necessary for the defense of oneself or another against the immediate use of unlawful force. However, a person must use no more force than appears reasonably necessary in the circumstances.

    Force likely to cause death or great bodily harm is justified in self-defense only if a person reasonably believes that such force is necessary to prevent death or great bodily harm.

    The Right To Protect One’s Person And Property From Injury.

    It will be proper to consider: 1. The extent of the right of self-defence. 2. By whom it may be exercised. 3. Against whom. 4. For what causes.

    As to the extent of the right: First, when threatened violence exists, it is the duty of the person threatened to use all prudent and precautionary measures to prevent the attack; for example, if by closing a door which was usually left open, one could prevent an attack, it would be prudent, and perhaps the law might require, that it should be closed in order to preserve the peace, and the aggressor might in such case be held to bail for his good behaviour. Secondly, if after having taken such proper precautions, a party should be assailed, he may undoubtedly repel force by force, but in most instances cannot, under the pretext that he has been attacked, use force enough to kill the assailant or hurt him after he has secured himself from danger; such as if a person unarmed enters a house to commit a larceny, while there he does not threaten any one, nor does any act which manifests an intention to hurt any one, and there are a number of persons present who may easily secure him, no one will be justifiable to do him any injury, much less to kill him; he ought to be secured and delivered to the public authorities.

    The citizen must remain at the scene (or in a nearby safe place) after a self defense shooting. Fleeing will only make the shooter, who was otherwise legally defending themselves, look guilty and will discredit any otherwise truthful statement that will be made later. And the police will find you.

    “If an individual brandishes a gun or shoots someone in an obvious self defense situation never assume some one didn’t see the incident. I’m sure every one has heard of Murphy’s Law? Well, Murphy has a whole bunch of relatives out there who will get their facts mixed up as they are breathlessly calling in a shooting they just witnessed. Facts that will be only “unmixed” if the citizen who defended themselves sticks around and describes the true facts. Will it be stressful? Of course but less stressful then wondering over the next few days or months if law enforcement is going to be storming through the front door looking for a “murder suspect”.”

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