What kata am i thinking of and how do u do it?

My teacher taught me a basic kata, which involved punching and blocking, but i forgot its name and how to do it
ah it was karate, we have to learn it to get to the next belt
i remember most of it but not the exact details, i know you blocked to the right, took a step and punched then went to the left and blocked, i just cant remember the details like how many steps and stuff like that

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6 Responses to What kata am i thinking of and how do u do it?

  1. ScottyBoy says:

    Good luck :L Depends if your doing Karate or any other and which type so its really hard to tell. Im a black belt myself and have been doing karate for 10 years. And i can’t tell what your on about. Sorry.

  2. Lorenzo says:


    at the risk of appearing curt, you might consider asking your instructor, or one of the students that was in the same class.

    good luck.


  3. Sensei Scandal says:

    too bad kid.

  4. Shihan J says:

    the name depends on the style of karate, each one has a different kata they begin with, or it has a different name,
    i know for example shito ryu and shotokan both have the same first kata shito ryu calls it kihan kata and shotokan taikyaku shodan, both kata are almost identical.

    you will have to ask your instructor the name

  5. pugpaws2 says:

    There are several hundred traditional kata in existence. Then there are many kata that have been made up by instructors for the beginners. Many times even the traditional kata are done slightly differently from one dojo to another. There is not way to get an exact answer here, since we can’t tell you what exactly your instructor is teaching. The only way to know what it is is to ask the instructor to show you.

  6. Mushin says:

    ‘Lorenzo’ is right – your best bet is to ask your instructor or one of your fellow students.

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