What Martial Art compliments Karate best?

I’m 16 and have been doing karate for 8 years and have achieved 1st Dan and would like to try something new. There is a Krav Maga club nearby but it is for over 18s only. Is there any other martial arts that compliment karate such as Wing Chun or Bujikan?

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  1. Shihan J says:

    a first degree black belt only means you have an understand of the basics and nothing more. you have barely learned anything about karate. i doubt you full understand all the grappling involved, as for krav maga all the techniques in krav maga are in your kata, if you understand the bunkai, oyo , Kakushi, Henka and sutemi of kata. which you haven’t reach those level of application yet.

    karate is a complete system, it contains locks, throws, traps, Kokyu (breathe control) Kaeshu (reversals), Atemi (vital strike to vital area), Kyusho (pressure point strikes), Kensetsu (bone or joint bending), Appaku (applied pressure), Kotekitai (absorbing and controlling pain)
    Nage (throwing),Chime (choking) and soforth, it takes decades just to understand one style.
    your question is a good example of why children should not test for black belt, they just dont understand what a black belt is, and how much more there is to learn in there present style.

  2. Desk3Bound says:

    Generally speaking, Judo + Karate have been the most popular combination, followed by Karate + Aikido.

    But please be aware that most Karate taught in the USA is Karate-Do, and not Karate-Jitsu. Karate Jitsu is for real fighting and nasty street brawls.

  3. BUSHIDO says:

    what shihan j says is correct karate is a complete system.however it is a good idea to cross train in styles that will help hone the skills you learn in karate.muay thai is a good art to cross train in especially since you will be grading for your second dan,muay thai will help hone your knees and elbows and will increase your fitness in preparation for your second dan.
    submission/shoot wrestling/bjj or simular are also good to hone your karate skills.i suggest though cross training in muay thai until you grade to second dan(mainly for the fitness).
    forget krap maga its a scam.
    be sure to keep karate as a base if you are going to cross train.

  4. Jon says:

    I’d say, dont stop the karate, as its been said, at 1st dan your only beginning to experiance the art properly. So yea dont stop.

    But if you want to do something on top of it to compliment it then, personally I would go with BJJ or maybe Judo. Youv got the striking and standing aspect covered with karate, to compliment it I would choose something strong grapple based so you can improve the aspects of your MA that arnt covered quite as extensivley (if at all) in karate

  5. nwohioguy says:

    Out of the three you listed the only worth checking into would be Wing Chun. One of the best martial arts to compliment Karate is Judo or Jujutsu. Not the sport based ones but the real authentic ones. Krav Maga would bore you after awhile since it is just a self defense concept and not a martial art all. Bujinkan has more fake schools than most other systems right now and most of their training is not realistic (despite what they state in their marketing).

    Karate and Judo go great together as do Japanese Jujutsu systems. I would look into them if they are available to you. If not then check out the Wing Chun school but it will be a completely different art for you retrain your ideas and techniques in. Good luck.

  6. The Wolf Shinobi says:

    Don’t quit karate, keep going with it. And I’d say go with a grappling system. Judo and BJJ work the best, but if you’re truly interested in BBT, I say go for it. I’m a Bujinkan member, and I could say the grappling and throws are pretty good. The strikes, not so much. As long as you get passed the idea that it isn’t ninjutsu, it’s taijutsu, you’ll be fine. Hope you find what you like man.

    Edit: I agree with the guy who posted above me. There are a lot of Bujinkan schools that train unrealistically. Hell, if I remember, I think I’ve heard my instructors made mention that they decided to implement sparring because they felt that they were training unrealistically. If you still wish to go for the Bujinkan, make sure you attend a class, so you can see how well they train.

  7. N!g3l-k@r!M says:

    well if i were you i would carry on with karate but instead of wing chin or bujikan do muay thai because first muay thai is a offencive martial art were as karate is defencive and also muay thai is the most devastating & cruel martial art just watch some fights on you tube
    basically what im saying is its best to mix offencive styles with defencive if you get what im saying if there ain’t a muay thai club near try kickboxing or if not that then just go for tae kwon do

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