What martial arts do you consider practical for self defense?

What martial arts do you consider practical for self defense?
NOTE: I know some that aren’t and have become sport, health or cultural pursuits.

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13 Responses to What martial arts do you consider practical for self defense?

  1. M.B says:

    Krav Maga. It’s brutal but effective.

  2. Nok says:

    Any really,

  3. Fitness CrackHead says:

    well as far as i can think of all of them are for self defense and all of them are sports, and all of them are used for health and cultural pursuits. Please be more pacific I really don’t understand what your trying to ask!

  4. Patrick Visar says:


    Krav Maga

    Japanese Jujutsu

  5. Mr Wolf Wolfington says:

    There are too many Martial arts with self defense application to list. It depends on how its being taught.

  6. pugpaws2 says:

    No traditional martial art style has become a sport. It is only that some schools choose to teach their style as a sport. but there are still schools teaching the same style as a self-defense art only.

    So to answer your question directly, any style of martial arts that is taught for its self-defense is a practical method of self defense. The problem is that real self defense is brutal. 85% of all martial arts students on the U.S.A. are small children. Schools have become more concerned about making money than teaching selof-defense. So they cater to children, easy promotions, no actual fighting skills, and silly leadership clubs, black belt clubs, demonstrations teams, …etc. None of which has anything to do with real self-defense or the skills necessary to defend yourself.

    Bottom line is this…. find a good instructor (not an easy task itself) that teaches self defense not sport or childrens play martial arts. and you will have found your martial arts school, instructor, and style.

  7. Carrie says:

    Karate, I’m in it and we mainly do self defense forms but if someone tries to punch me then they would really regret it.

  8. Alpha B says:

    Youre right in saying that some have become sports for example Judo and TKD. However i would say the large majority out there are still very effective. For modern self defence I highly knowing how to use your hands so kick boxing and most other things like it (eg. Muay Thai) are very effective, but also such things as Jujitsu and Escrima are also very effective. More traditional arts like Wing Chun and ninjutsu are also quite good. I would really say that to consider something practical however, it has to be something which you are comfortable to use.

    PS Karate is also very good!

    Happy training

  9. Ryan Brown says:

    Most traditional martial arts are good, though some are too flashy for real self defense. I wouldn’t recommend anything Americanized such as most karate taught in America, it’s been censored. I would recommend a martial art meant for self defense, and not war. Some examples would be Gracie Ju-jitsu, Aikido, etc, but if you want something extremely effective, but may seem brutal I’d recommend Hapkido, Krav Maga, or Muay Thai.

  10. marcus says:

    if your talking straight up self defence the karate. but if you the type a guy who likes a fight and will stare down your oppenet set to kill. muay thai is the best shit. theres lots of diffrent muay thai you wana learn the shit that is practical for all situations

  11. ksnake10 says:

    1) BJJ
    2) Judo
    3) Aikido
    4) Wing Chun
    5) Muay Thai
    6) Western Boxing
    7) Jeet Kun Do
    8) Hapkido
    9) Krav Maga
    10) Close Quarters Combatives (CQC)

  12. Flawed_logic says:

    The ones taught best.

  13. Hays McGee says:

    I’m probably gonna get flamed by the BJJ purists for this but, I have been involved in martial arts my entire life and having been picked on when i was going through school and bullied and living in the wrong parts of town the tips I can give you are these… If you are concerned with real self defense, like you need to use this to save your life and get away safely, consider the statistics.
    Most street fights are not one on one, so grappling arts like Judo, BJJ, Wrestling, Shuto, Catch-Wrestling, Luta Livre, etc are going to get you maimed… think about it realistically. You perfectly grab on guy and begin to apply a lock or break and his Buddy slams you in the side of a head with a rock. Or you wind up wrestling one of them to the ground and wind up on bottom applying a nice choke and then get your head stomped into the pavement by the other 3 guys with him. Not the most efficient way to protect your self. 1-on-1 unarmed it works fine… but lets say you didn’t know he had knife in his other hand while you applied that arm bar and wind up getting stabbed multiple times in the leg and your Achilles tendon sliced open. Or you go in for that tackle and the assailant brandishes a last second screw driver and repeatedly stabs you in the side and back destroying your lung, intestines, kidney and spinal cord. Sure you tackled him but it’s been proven from jail statistics on inmate crime versus a prison guard who was trying to remove a shiv while grappling with him, the inmate wa able stab the guard 32 times in about 3 seconds.
    So grappling arts are right out. Most Karate, TKD, Muay Thai, and boxing while can be brutal as hell still put to much focus on sport training and facing a single opponent. They also have severe lack of training against modern day weapons such as small knives, guns, brass knuckles, and Various improvised weapons.
    Aikido as well as most forms of kung fu is trying to modernize but requires many years of study before you’re proficient enough to use it, not to mention Aikido’s throwing is actually quite lethal if used against someone who is landing on concrete or solid wood or even brick. So you better be able to reconcile with taking a life if you do that.
    Really think about what you want out of self-defense before making your choice, do your homework and look into your state’s laws concerning self defense and use of force.
    My suggestions for realistic self defense options are look at what militarize use, and then choose. Any military use of self defense is going to be practical because it has to work, not just make money. Soldier’s depend on it. It has to be quickly learned because training has to be done in a timely fashion. Most military versions of martial arts are mixes of martial art styles that incorporate the skills easily mastered and use full and easily retain-able.
    I cannot emphasize enough that self defense is a last option to save your life. It’s not for sport, or to just go pick a fight. It’s fast, it’s brutal, walking away from a physical confrontation unscathed is unlikely, and it chaotic. Being prepared is always good, but also know that in some states even in self defense your actions could mean you go to jail. An example of quickly going to jail for a long time is disarming an assailant who was tryingto stab you with a knife and then stabbing him with the knife you just took, you just stabbed an unarmed person, making you the agressor which at the very least is manslaughter and assault with a deadly weapon. Know the use of force laws where you live and/or visit and you’ll do fine. Also know if they just want your wallet/heys/watch/etc… give it to them, it’s not worth your life.

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