What song shoud I pick for performing a musical kata to?

I am creating a kata for one of my last requirments for black belt and I need a song that is fast paced enough ( with minimal if any words) to perform it to. Thanks in advance for any responses!

( please be specific, song title, artist. TX!)

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4 Responses to What song shoud I pick for performing a musical kata to?

  1. m_showinus_his_pig says:

    Ghostbusters by Ray Parker, or not.

  2. Hitman says:

    Wow…I always though “Thunderstruck” by ACDC would be great for a musical kata, but if you are wanting instrumentals, lessee…
    “Pipeline” by the Chantays, Miserlou (the theme from Pulp Fiction) by Dick Dale, the theme from Miami Vice by Jan Hammer is good…
    Honestly, it’s sort of hard to suggest anything without knowing what kata styles you like and what music you like listening to…
    Hope this at least gives you a few to look at…
    And good luck on your test!!
    Sensei Cox

  3. Ray H says:

    Try the old surfer song “wipeout” I think its by Dick Dale . Its very high speed , the only lyric is the word wipeout . I’ve used it before in competition and it went over very well .

  4. David B says:

    Operation Blade – Its on the soundtrack to Blade the movie – you know with Wesly Snipes

    Seen Escrima done to that – it awesome!

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