What style of karate are full contact?

I’m looking for full contact styles of karate so when I’m trained I could go to torment and fight and in there any in Ayr or Kilmarnock that. Are full contact

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4 Responses to What style of karate are full contact?

  1. Ohana says:

    in karate? Combat Sambo, both Russian and Japanese variants are full contact.

  2. amin cool says:

    as far as I know you could learn from the root of karate which is called Okinawate the training is very hard and could make you a real fighter, or if you want karate style you could try kyokushinkai kan which was developed by Masutatsu Oyama, you see the footage in youtube, even there was the movie titled “fighter in the wind”

  3. Georgie says:

    A full contact Karate bare knuckle style is called Kyokushin kaikan. It does not allow strikes with the hands to the head but allows kicks. A video about it…..


  4. Frank the tank says:

    Look up Kyokushin or offshoots , such as Ashihara Karate, Budokaido, Godokai, Enshin Karate, Seido juku, Musokai, Shidokan and Seidokaikan.

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