What would win in a street fight ju jitsu or karate?

I was wondering who would win if the ju jitsu guy was small and the karate guy was like 6ft who would win (dont say it depends on the fighter) the ju jitsu guy has been training for 1 year and the karate guy hs been training for 2 year also the ju jitsu guy does japaneese ju jitsu and the karate guy do kenpo karate please answer approprietly and effectively!!

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12 Responses to What would win in a street fight ju jitsu or karate?

  1. Pony Slaystation says:

    The best fighter will win regardless of style

  2. Roisin says:

    The one with the most skill

  3. agha says:

    very lengthi question dude, if ju jitsu guy has more ‘skill’ and ‘technique’ then he ‘ll definitely win*

  4. Frank the tank says:

    The best fighter would appropriately and effectively win.

    It’s not the style, it’s the practitioner.

  5. Foysal says:

    the best fighter between them.

  6. кคภє says:

    a better fighter

  7. J says:

    You need to understand that it does depend on the individual. What’s most important is quality instruction, and the added importance of each person’s individual desire to learn and pace at which they learn. Not everyone grows at the same rate and speed.

    Thinking “what” instead of “who” is a big mistake. There are many different styles of Karate, Kenpo and Jujutsu, and each style with many schools. There isn’t a person alive who can honestly say that each school is not going to be different than the next. Why? Because each teacher is different, thus the teacher, as once a student as well, was different than his or her fellow students. Thus, things do in fact depend on the individual and how serious they take learning the style and that school.

  8. Ohnana says:

    Year doesn’t matter. The karate guy can go for two years and not learn anything. I do jiu jitsu. A guy in my class has been there a year and I’ve been there 3 months and I beat him. It’s all about skill.

  9. K_JKD says:

    I didn’t know styles fought each other lol

    Basically Jujutsu and Karate have all the same moves (were all human and we can all only move the same way) just a few different variations but the main difference is what each considers the basics and how to apply the techniques.

    A Karateka will kick & punch the crap out of you then throw you down and pound you & lock you or choke you.

    A Jujutsuka will clinch you & pound the crap out of you then throw you down & either choke, choke or pound you.

    These are just 2 examples but there are many styles of Karate & many styles of Jujutsu and they are really just umbrella terms for styles that follow certain principles like Karate follows “kara” which means “hollow” & Jujutsu follows “ju” which means “soft” and many tactics & principles are derived from these from each style.

    At the highest levels of many arts it’s just a few technical differences that make them different.

  10. Martial Pro says:

    Chuck Norris

  11. Craig says:

    if the karate guy did kenpo and knew his stuff he’d win if he was 2 ft tall. American Kenpo Karate vs. Ju Jitsu is absolutely no match in a street fight. However, that’s if they both know they’re stuff; if the kenpo guy didn’t, he would lose.

  12. Antwan says:

    So the Karate guy has size, experience, and a stand-up style?

    I’d go with Karate. Striking styles have faster “start up” meaning they can be learned faster. While I am not a huge fan of Karate, it would still have the whole “kick them in the balls and punch them in the face” attack, which jujitsu would be less adept at defending.

    If the jujitsu guy managed to get a clinch on the karate fighter… which might be tricky considering the size and skill advantage, the jujitsu guy would destroy the karate fighter, but, I would give the odds of 70% in favor of the karate.

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