What’s the difference between Martial Arts and Self Defense?

Most people here said this style belongs to Self Defense and that is not Martial Arts but what the difference is, remember that Martial Arts being develop for Self Defense purposes.

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12 Responses to What’s the difference between Martial Arts and Self Defense?

  1. Caolan C says:

    a martial art is an ancient form of hand to hand combat. Self defence is a modern form of fighting. Karate is a martial art. Brawling is self defence.

  2. mike c says:

    Self Defense is proper ways to defend your self from someone who is attacking you. Martial Arts is a kind of self defense yet at the same time it is so much more… Martial Arts teaches Offensive attacks. Self Defense is simply to learn how to defend yourself from an attacker.

  3. Shiro Kuma says:

    A martial art is a system, a collection of techniques, forms, tactics, movement philosophies, and training methods designed for use in both armed and unarmed combat, self defense, or competition.

    Self defense is the act the act of defending one’s person when physically attacked.

    Bottom line: self defense is something you do when you are attacked; being trained in a martial art will perhaps let you do it better.

  4. Aaron J says:

    Self Defense is anything that is done to provide safety for one’s self. It doesn’t matter the means as long as the individual practicing comes out alive and as unharmed as possible from the altercation.

    Martial arts is a military science of hand to hand combat. Again it is that same goal, to come out on top as unscathed as possible.

    Martial Arts and self defense go hand in hand.

  5. Cab says:

    Self Defense is a way of defending yourself from one or more people attacking you. Martial arts is a style used for fighting, martial arts depends on how it is used like there is performance martial arts which does not focus on self defense.

  6. daleneptune says:

    Martial Arts has so many tricks and arts.

    Self Defense directly implements proper defenses on any situational issues.

  7. Zac Efron says:

    Self Defense means to protect yourself and Martial Arts means to fight against…..If u do martial arts like Kung Fu or Wrestling then Self Defense will be included……

    Hope i helped u… This is the answer….

  8. SiFu frank says:

    I guess you could say it is kind of like the phrase “all insects are bugs; however not all bugs are insects” Some martial arts are clearly taught in some instances only as a sport. They lose something of the self defense nature when taught only for the sport aspect. On the other hand some martial arts are taught with only the self defense aspect of the art.
    Many of the traditional arts such as Taekwando, Judo, and some others have been adapted to sport competitions in some schools and associations and have lost some of the better “martial” or self defense applications.
    Also a martial art when used as a self defense needs to be taught with defense as a frame of reference. You fight differently and have different constraints when fighting for your life than when fighting for points or a submission.
    Different expectation of probable outcomes requires a whole different pedagogy when presenting the art to the student. On one hand for instance in my Taekwando class for juniors under 16 years old I do not put as much emphasis on finishing techniques as I do in adult classes. Killing or maiming your classmates is not good for the average middle school student. However for the student going to war or the local police this may be an option he needs and wants in his tool box.
    Perhaps we may need new names for Martial Arts that are sport orientated. Yet I don’t find it very confusing now as I did many years ago when I started down this path. I think when you get more life experience you will figgure it out. Thanks for asking.

  9. hpesoj says:

    Martial arts had been develop for the purpose of self defense.

    Self defense is the reason why Martial Arts stays active and alive.

  10. possum says:

    self defense is part of martial arts. martial arts are not part of self defense. martial arts teaches self-defense, in addition to other things.

  11. nwohioguy says:

    Martial arts are self defense…not fighting.

    Self Defense classes borrow techniques from martial arts but do not focus on anything other than short term learning.

    Martial arts are about mastering the techniques and applications of the art you are studying.

    Self Defense is about learning to defend one’s self…some will learn…some will not.

  12. clowns says:

    Martial arts can incorporate self defense but not always and viceversa.

    Take Iado for example. That art was created out of a vengeful heart and meant first and foremost to kill. Today Iado is not an art some one would take if they are looking for defense though it is a beautiful art that everyone could some great teaching and techniques out of.

    Self defense has a lot of things that martial arts simply won’t teach you. As some one who has lived on the streets I can tell you how to avoid fights by making some “friends” and silently disappearing when no one is looking. I had people that seriously wanted to hurt me but never got the chance because street smarts is not something you learn in ANY martial art.

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