whats the different between karate and tae kwon do ?

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7 Responses to whats the different between karate and tae kwon do ?

  1. Matty says:

    completely different words.

  2. George F says:

    Lyoto Machida and Stephan Bonnar.

  3. Kay~lynn says:

    karate is from japan. tae kwon do is from korea. and in karate u dont usally use wepons but in tae kwon do u do sometimes.

  4. Zoe E says:

    I would’ve thought that would’ve been really easy to look up online yourself…??! No great mystery!

  5. Emm09765 says:

    not a clue :)

  6. Just Me says:

    I have studied both, Karate is close combat it is more fists and hands, Tae Kwon Do I learnt under Grandmaster Su Kyi Young, 2nd best martialist in the world 7th dan grand master in both forms of TKD, 5th dan shaolin kung fu 5th dan karate qualified tai chi instructor and many more,

    TKD is in 2 forms either International or Worldwide I did WTKD this is more feet work and is more using your legs, why get too close when u can take sum out in 1 kick, we do alot of tournaments and public shows, I personally been on Channel 5 UK and Euro Sports.

    We also, do team work you cant raise up belt levels until you can do harmonized performances with your fellow team mates.

    My instructor always taught us belts are worthless non sense, I can give you black belt what does it mean if you cant understand how to do the moves and when and where it is most appropriate to do them in daily street combat.

  7. pugpaws2 says:

    Karate came from Okinawa. some people keep saying that it is Japanese. Karate was introduced to Japan by the Okinawans in the early 1900’s. Karate uses strikes, kicks, but favors more hand techniques than kicks. There are many different styles of both Okinawan and Japanese karate today. The percentage of hand techniques verses kicks varies from style to style but is generally around 60% hand techniques.

    Taekwondo is a Korean art. It is based on the fighting techniques that were indigenous to Korea in its ancient past. General Choi is generally credited with coming up with what we now call Taekwondo. Choi had studied a Japanese Style of karate known as Shotokan. From Shotokan Choi used the training methods and belt rank system. Many people again will say that Taekwondo came from karate (or Shotokan karate). That is not correct. The techniques are Korean. The format for teaching it and the rank system being the only thing that came from karate. Taekwondo is very similar to karate in that it also uses both strikes and kicks. Taekwondo is different from karate in that it makes major use of kicking techniques. Hand techniques are not used nearly as much as kicking.

    Note: both karate and Taekwondo have many joint locks and throws. However they are generally not taught in most martial arts schools, or are not emphasized. The old Okinawan masters made great use of these techniques as did the ancient Korean martial artists.

    Both Karate and Taekwondo teach forms (Kata in Japan and Okinawa). These teach the basic moves of the art yet hide the deeper meaning of application from those that do not study the style. The bunkai (analysis) of the forms/ kata is something that is not taught often. much of its secrets have been lost to the majority of the martial arts community.

    Hope this helps!

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