When is it considered self-defense?

So there’s this kid at school that wants to “beat me up” for no reason. Yes, I’ve talked to them about it, they yelled, I talked normally. Yes, I’ve talked to teachers and counselors about it. But in the situation that it does become a fight, I want this question answered;
“When is it considered self-defense?”
I know that if they punch me, it’s not self-defense to go ahead and punch them right away. But at what point can I start fighting back so I won’t get suspended?

A little background info,
the perfect is about my height, but heavier than me.
I’m about 5’3” and an average weight(a little under 100 pounds).

Please answer, I really want to know.
because I want to fight back, but I don’t want to get suspended(I’m aware that I sound like a total goody-two-shoes.)

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3 Responses to When is it considered self-defense?

  1. MtotheC says:

    This highly depends.

    Most schools have suspension policies stating that, no matter what, if a student is involved in a fight they get suspended no matter what. More have a policy stating that any student offensively striking another gets suspended, meaning if you are in a fight then you get suspended.

    If you want to fight back, try to get in good with your principal and counselors, even your teachers. If people in the school know you are a good man, and didn’t want or mean to hurt that and kid (most of all hope not to do it again); you will not get suspended.

    Try to get the populous on your side before-hand, otherwise you are going to get suspended.

  2. hotwheels122287 says:

    heres to put it clearly, as far as i know in ANY school if you even take a punch (even in self defense) it CAN and will probably lead to a suspension. the best thing you can do is take the punches then let the principal or someone like a teacher or in the office about it and then not only will you be in the right for actually not fighting back BUT the kid will probably get suspended or even expelled. either way you would be doing the right thing AND not getting into trouble. there are other ways of defense than hitting back

  3. Seth M says:

    I was about your size when I was a freshman in high school. I got picked on a lot and understand your situation.

    First, you should talk to your parents about the situation.

    No one can promise you that you won’t get suspended. Adults who defend themselves sometimes go to jail!

    The true answer is that self defense means being aware of dangerous people and places, avoiding them to the best of your ability, doing what you can to deescalate conflicts, fight to escape, and then recover. Self defense can mean striking someone even BEFORE they’ve taken a swing at you. Self defense can mean allowing yourself to get beat up. It can mean many different things.

    The one thing that is likely is that, if you don’t defend yourself in any way, you probably won’t get suspended. Welcome to the reality of government. This is a tough lesson for you to learn at your age, but the government would prefer that people like you and me are completely defenseless, and reliant upon government for everything, including our protection. They then won’t do anything to protect you, until you’ve already had the (*#$%)(*& beat out of you. And if you do attempt to defend yourself, then the leaders will come after you, ESPECIALLY if you prevailed against your attacker.

    Life isn’t fair, my friend.

    If you want to see the fur fly, here’s what you do. Assuming you’ve talked to the teachers, and they are doing nothing, you simply call the police or the sheriff. Tell them that X has said he is going to beat you up, and that the school has done nothing. In the adult world, the threat alone (and the ability to carry it out) can constitute a crime. Now, the truth is, the police might not do anything, either. But they also might have a talk with your school administration, the boy in question or his parents. And then, if he does lay a hand on you, at least you did everything you could.

    You ALWAYS have a right to defend yourself from unjust violence. This doesn’t mean that other people will recognize that right, and they might even punish you if you exercise it, but it is your HUMAN right, nonetheless.

    If it does come to blows and you feel like you are in danger, don’t hesitate to fight dirty and end it fast. Stomp on the feet, kick to the groin, punch the neck, etc. You aren’t trying to kill the boy, but if someone is attacking you and you are in danger of harm, you can use force to defend yourself. It is your choice. If it was an adult, I’d add slapping the ears or poking the eyes, but you probably don’t want to seriously, permanently injure him unless you are in real danger.

    If you really want to do well, get good at wrestling or jujitsu. Someone with good skills in those areas can do well against an attacker who doesn’t have a weapon.

    If he comes at you with a weapon, run for it.

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