Where is the line between self defense and murder?

What are some examples of self defense, and some for murder. I would prefer people with a legal backround who know what they are talking about.

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4 Responses to Where is the line between self defense and murder?

  1. Zero1 says:

    it’s all about how the scene is when police take a look at it.

    if there is forward motion and a weapon on the dead man’s body then it’s self-defense.

    particularly is there are no witnesses.

    dead men may not be able to testify but a body certainly can.

    otherwise questions may be raised.

  2. Abu Ras says:

    Equal or lesser force. Don’t shoot somebody who wants to duke it out.

  3. George W. Bush says:

    self defense – someone attacks you with a gun or knife, and you end up killing them.
    murder – you walk up behind a complete stranger and stab them in the jugular vein

  4. gomanyes says:

    Basically, in order to qualify as self defense, you have to use the MINIMUM amount of force needed to diffuse the threat. If you exceed that threshold, it is murder.

    This is a very subjective decision, which is why these cases often go to juries.

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