Which foot do you kick with when preforming the karate high kick?

When preforming the karate high kick is it best to kick with your weaker leg or your stronger leg?

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14 Responses to Which foot do you kick with when preforming the karate high kick?

  1. kakashi_kakashi says:


  2. Jackie says:

    the right leg i did karate when i was little

  3. Kady says:

    stronger :) if your in that stance :)

  4. Doug says:

    Please tell me you are only kidding. Please. That’s like asking “which is the best hand to use when doing ‘monkey steals the peach'”?

  5. kill666chavs says:

    stronger but i don’t know if it is the same with karate but in mma [ mixed martial arts ] if we are gonna go for a high kick we normally go got where there is an opening

  6. Kristy says:

    stronger leg. Good luck.

  7. sketch30 says:

    In karate a student must stive to not have a weaker leg. You must try to be able to everthing on both sides.

    Having a weaker side is a weakness.

    JODAN GERI = head level kick

  8. kempo_jujitsu77 says:

    there is no “karate high kick” ..there are many kicks, all of which should be able to be done with BOTH legs.

    is also depends on the art, in the kempo jujutsu i started with we were always taught to strike off the front foot/hand because its much faster…therefore we always put our strong (dominant) side forward.

  9. blakenyp says:

    So many silly responses. The kick should be practiced with both legs. In application, which leg kicks is entirely situational. Then again, in application a high kick is best avoided.

  10. zeMAN says:

    75% of my kicks out in real world or sparring is with my right leg its preety dame strong espcaily after 7 years of karate. Its hardneed me up a ton.

    My aim when kicking is side of neck it feels so gud when i kick there. ( even tho i dont fight EVER not even once in my life but i have defended my self tons of times )

  11. Shihan J says:

    If its a good karate school, you train both sides.

    2nd a lot of us don’t kick high my first 3 instructors told me kicking was for the waist down. Arms are for striking above above the waist

  12. nwohioguy says:

    I have been training for 31 years non stop in authentic Karate and never heard of a Karate high kick…what is it?

    If you mean flying side kick, jump side kick, jump front kick, jump fake front kick..etc…then yes you should use your strength leg and best kicking leg…but I still never heard of a Karate high kick…

  13. lone butcher Spartan remembers says:

    … The one on the end of your leg.
    There’s different ways you can use it (I am assuming you refer to Jodan Geri/Jodan Mawashi-geri).. your teacher will help you see that there’s no one way to use any technique. Keep learning.
    Both legs should be used for any kick, you should not be limited to a stronger or weaker leg. Weaker is not something you should compromise for.

  14. Delinquent soldier of Love! says:

    High kicks are flashy but not really useful in a real fight. I kick with both although my right kick is always stronger.

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