Which is more important, speed or strength in forms/katas/patterns?

Please, even though technique should be the ideal answer, don’t just say technique. And are there any other tips you guys can give for competing in forms/katas/patterns?


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6 Responses to Which is more important, speed or strength in forms/katas/patterns?

  1. JoKyoNim says:

    Depends on the martial art and form. Most have by laws and principles for forms. Mine are
    1. Eyes : bright and clear
    2. Mind: calm and focused
    3. Stance: low and soft(supple)
    4. Feet: slow and precise
    5. Hands: fast and controlled
    Than we do other things off those principles. Such doing the form fast as you can, slowly like 10 seconds per movement, Holding the breath for the full form. But those are after we mastered the basics of those forms.
    Than we apply these theory to them as well
    1. Flowing as in water
    2. Circle as in your private space, and redirecting not hitting dead on, form of least resistance.
    3.Harmony in ones, self Yin and Yang

  2. David says:

    They are both equally important because they are useless without one another in terms of combat and self defense.

  3. Muna_526 says:

    By having speed(generated from the waist you increase strengt in your fists and thus the damade to your opponent.

    However, by contracting musles in your fists, you reduces speed and thus the strength in your fist.

    you can also interpret having strength as having lots of muscles in your arms. The mass of the arm musles can increase the damage on your opponent, but not as much as speed does.
    It’s about the following physical formula:
    For example your musles first had a weight of 5 kg and the speed of your fists generated by your waist is 5 meter/second.
    Mulptiply both variables with ‘2’ in the formula and you wil get:
    F=0,5*10*5=25 Newton
    F= 0,5*5*25=62,5 Newton.

    In conclusion, increasing the speed of your fists, generators by turning your waist as fast as possible in a fraction or generated by another method, increases the damage to your opponent much more.

  4. callsignfuzzy says:

    Well, since you’re just punching and kicking the air, pure strength isn’t much of a factor.

    And speed is useless if you’re sloppy.

    I know you don’t want to hear it, but the purpose of forms is to train technique. If your technique isn’t right, it doesn’t matter how strong or fast you are, for the purpose of executing the form. You’re still doing it wrong.

  5. chuseikokoro says:

    I would have said technique before I saw that you said not to 😛

    Hmm… that’s a difficult question to answer. It is not really speed or strength that matter. Doing a kata at the speed of sound doesn’t make you good, and neither does being able to break ten bricks with each strike of your kata. What matters is using the APPROPRIATE speed and APPROPRIATE amount of power for each particular movement and strike in the kata. Timing and control are what matter.

  6. Travis says:


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