Which Kata are Practiced in Kyokushin?

Hi, I’m a Shorin-Ryu practitioner and thinking about trying Kyokushin one day. I was wondering what kata are practiced in Kyokushin?
Surely the manner in which the kata are practiced and the bunkai are quite different due to different interpretations, but could someone give me a list of the kata practiced in Kyokushin? I just wanted to know if it has many of the same kata Shorin-Ryu does or not. Thank you!

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  1. Odee says:

    They learn a mixture of Shotokan, Goju-ryu and Kenpo kata
    Taikyoku 1-3
    Taikyoku sokugi 1-4
    Pinan 1-5 (Peaceful mind)
    Tsuki no kata (Striking Kata)
    Gekisai dai and sho (Conquor and occupy major and minor)
    Sanchin (Three way battle)
    Yantsu (Safe three)
    Tensho (Turning palms)
    Saiha (Destruction)
    Sanchin – Tensho (Three way battle and turning palms)
    Seipai (Eighteen hands)

    Plus some schools have additional slow kata from Tai Chi and aother things their teachers have created or added to the syllabus. Shadow boxing is there too if you chose to count it as kata.

    I have no idea what Shorin-Ryu does nor have I seen them in action, so I have no basis for comparison.

    I’d also like to point out that my personal knowledge only goes up to second dan. The seniors know kata that I don’t have names for.

  2. Darth Scandalous says:

    Why don’t you, instead, look for a dojo from Taika Oyata’s organization, or contact the Dragon Society, or a similar group that can re-teach you your kata, so you can discover how rich in martial content they really are?

    They are Shuri based and can show you what real karate is.

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