Who knows the best place to learn karate?

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8 Responses to Who knows the best place to learn karate?

  1. Randy L says:

    From a Karate instructor.

  2. Simon Van Barneveld says:


  3. Giuseppe M says:

    in a gym?

  4. genius says:


  5. livinginthetruth < says:

    I take classes at church. It’s been a great learning experience, and there are classes for all ages. I actually just wanted the exercise.<

  6. BUSHIDO says:

    in a karate dojo?heres some info that may help.
    A good well rounded style would be freestyle Karate.You will learn stand up,ground,grappling and weapons.What a lot of people don’t understand is that freestyle Karate is about practical street defence not who can kick the highest or punch a pad the hardest.It’s definitely not a sport martial art like TKD or BJJ.The motto of my style is the best of everything in progression.Basically that means we don’t care where the technique comes from we improve it and integrate it into our style while still maintaining tradition as do most freestyle Karate’s.
    The hardest thing is finding a good experienced instructor.I would recommend Bushi Kai or Zen Do Kai, but if your not in Australia or New Zealand you may have some difficulty finding some one who teaches these styles.These styles also usually have separate classes available to everyone in Muay Thai and BJJ/Submission/Shoot wrestling.If you can’t find one of these i would suggest Kempo or Enshin or another freestyle Karate.

  7. Player says:

    Dram center

  8. 143_EwanMcGregor!!! says:

    we have a club here in the philippines!!!!

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