Why didn’t they make a Karate Kid 4?

Hi, yes i know there making a remake of Karate Kid but it’s gonna be rubbish. What i want to know is why they didn’t make another karate kid with Pat Morita and Ralph Macchio before Pat Morita died R.I.P.
Thanks for your answers.
And yea i do know Pat Morita was in the next Karate Kid
Yea liane read the additional info next time

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4 Responses to Why didn’t they make a Karate Kid 4?

  1. Lianne says:

    they did! it was called the next karate kid and it had pat morita and hilary swank in it!

  2. pugpaws2 says:

    Karate kid did well as did the second karate kid. The followup movies all did badly. They knew that to continue down that path was not going to work. The movie makers are trying to make movies that will sell lots of tickets. When i firts heard that they were going to remake the karate kid, it sounded interesting. Then I started hearing that is was going to be called the karate kid but was actually going to be Kung-fu. Other things were changed. My problem is if you call it karate kid then it should be about karate. Kung-fu is fine, just don;t confuse the already confused public by calling it something that it is not.

  3. holy_fruit_filling says:

    One of the main criticisms of Karate Kid 3 was the fact that Ralph Macchio was 28, and could no longer really pass as a teenager. Why would they go and make another movie with an actor who could not convincingly play the role?

  4. Skin that flick shes such lil DJ says:

    Cos they were milking it for all it was worth by then, kind of like what Shrek is doing at the moment.

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