Why do idiots claim Karate is no good for self defence and is just for show?

Maybe they should tell that to the Indian boy whos teeth are scattered around Stratty after he attempted to happy slap me.

I apprecitate that cct is a good martial art but i have many times used karate and therefore laugh when people say it cant do anything.

Karate does work.
No lol.

Used to live in south london.

Now Stratford Upon Avon.

Nice to meet you.
Witters, Man That Can! you are the actual moron and, you dumb fuck, in your native usa you can gun down people over nothing just showing qwho the real morion is.

You are clearly retarded, you piece of shit, and i hope you have a blocked artery you cunt i acted in self defence.

Go die in a whole Witters, Mangirl Das CanT!

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17 Responses to Why do idiots claim Karate is no good for self defence and is just for show?

  1. T M says:

    bcos they’re dumb
    I do karate and the things we learn could help us in real situations
    like age uke- if somebody tried to smash something on ur head

  2. kluelesskidd says:

    Stratty? Do you by any chance live in east london?

  3. Pkr says:

    It is good against some brainless moron who tries to mug you, and is certainly more than just for show, that said a good street fighter would eat you for breakfast.

  4. nperrando says:

    because fighting is ever changing. back to 50 years ago karate tae kwon do and jiu jitsu were the main fighting styles out there and they were bad ass but now there mixing it up with mixed martial arts. before you were either a master at standing up or on the ground. nowadays if your not a master at ground fighting,boxing, and kicking your gonna get beat. im not saying traditional martial arts are bad but in just my own expierences ive seen alot of my friends who are traditional martial artist get beat by mixed martial artists, but it also depends on the fighter to. a blackbelt in karate will beat a beginner in mma, and chuck lidell will kick a white belt in tae kwon do’s ass lol

  5. Iron Maiden says:

    because of mma, mma is ruining traditional martial arts and turning it into a mush of fists

  6. shinobi says:

    because the are stupit like most of the people who answered this quesion

  7. Dr.feel me says:

    Karate is only good against untrained fighters but against mauy thai ,ju jit su ,mixed martial Arts,pretty much any martial Arts it SUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKSSSSS!!!
    if you don’t believe me put someone on top of you starting fighting from the ground and see how long before you are begging for your mom!!

  8. SMITIMB says:

    I’ve workout in karate dojos that were awesome and some that were crap. That’s such a universal assessment either way, that it’s difficult to argue. I took Tae Kwon Do as a kid and when I got into my first hardcore fight on the basket ball courts in junior high, instead of remembering to do a step-behind-turn-back-jump-round-house-heel-crescent kick or something fancy like that, I just grabbed the guy and started throwing hooks. Since then, karate and wrestling were my main staples when I started training in boxing and shootwrestling (like NHB or MMA) after highschool.

  9. Reaper says:

    Because it is. I’m a self trained fighter and I’ve beaten Karate and Tae kwon dou blacks belts really badly. The stances leave your head open. Open palm striking hurts the user more then the target and the same thing goes for kicks with the ball of the foot. They have a few good moves but there are so many weaknesses that most people who know how to fight well take them out easily.

  10. Zenlife says:

    In a word…Ignorance.

    Any martial art will work if trained properly and especially if you can personally adapt it to street situations.

    Best wishes :)***

  11. starscream_074 says:

    Karate has been proven to be less effective than a comination of other fighting disciplines. Take a look at Lyoto Machida … He’s an awesoe fighter but had to adapt his karate to fight in the UFC.

  12. Marky says:

    This is because of the UFC/other mma organizations. Most fighters would run over anyone with solely a karate, tae kwan do or kung fu BG (being essentially the cliched east asian martial arts). However, when people have these BGs with other martial arts they tend to do well. Take Lyoto Machida and GSP for example. Lyoto is undefeated (and next in line for the winner between Rampage/Rashad if Rampage is victorious at UFC 96) and GSP is the #2 P4P fighter in the world and welterweight champ. Karate may be effective against just dudes on the street but it’s not much against a trained professional.

  13. nwohioguy says:

    Karate is a great martial art and has been my primary art since 1978. I can honestly tell you that most people who put it down have never trained in it seriously or have quit because they could not handle the discipline. As far as being effective against other systems, well that truly is up to the karateka but I have used it successfully against all kinds of other systems; however I did train in other martial arts after I recieved my master rank in Karate…but I waited until that time first. I wanted to a real foundation and did not feel the need to go outside of the system until I was ranked high enough. I did not go outside of my system to seek training to make me a better fighter but rather to gain knowledge of other systems.

    One of the reasons why people say this is because real Karate Masters will not be found jumping around a cage or fighting for sport. They train daily, have great discipline and live their lives seeking perfection of their art which goes way beyond fighting ability. I have trained in Okinawa and Japan and some of the black belts I have met over there who are in the 60 & 70’s are solid rock. If you get hit by them your bones crush. If they grab you they break you. They are also the nicest and most humble people you would ever meet but I would never want to fight one of them unless I had absolutely no choice.

    In terms of ignorance…well you can thank sport martial arts, MMA or McDojos for that situation, but it was inevitable because people believe hype and want to live the hype. Karate is a lifestyle…not a fighting style. It is not about being the best at fighting but rather about living your life the best way you can. Most people today will never learn the greatness of Karate because they are…well…for lack of a better word…stupid.

    When it comes to being effective well I have trained Karate for over 30 years and have been a bouncer, correctional officer, body guard and lived in plenty of places that I had to use my skills against all kinds of attacks, unarmed and armed as well against average thugs and highly trained martial artists and guess what…I am still here and living peacefully finally. It is shame that people believe MMA or the crap on tv is real Karate…it is not…but those of us who truly train know the difference and we are the ones laughing at the stupid people out there who will never know because of their own blindness toward true knowledge and skill.

    Oh yeah to add one more thing Reaper’s post is full of ignorance and he is prime example of the BS you will find on forums like these.

  14. Witters, Man That Can! says:

    Your the idiot. Any art is good for defense but some are better than others. Most Karate classes do not incorporate ground work. That means that when a karate student is taken to the ground they become nothing more than weak, pathetic play things to abuse. If karate started to learn even basic ground work then yes I would agree that it would be a most useful art. This is a fault with Karate. You clearly like to beat people up and are clearly a moron. However, I feel that I must answer your question. I studied Karate – Ju Jitsu & Krav Maga.
    Karate by far was the most naff!…..

  15. Mushin says:

    As I’ve answered previously to similar questions, I will say it again – it is not the art, it is the practicioner that ‘counts’.

  16. franke says:

    because karate is one dimensional.

  17. Stormy says:

    It isn’t the art it’s the training method.

    Take the Red Triangle club in Liverpool in the 60s, 70s and 80s. The training there was more than just the typical mcdojo karate you see nowadays and was trained combatively – hence some of the best doormen in Liverpool trained there.

    However, there is a tendency for quite a few Karatekas to think that their art is the ‘best’. This is by no means unique to karate, and expands into virtually every martial art there is.

    The key is to have an open mind and adapt.

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