Will kata be involved in the Olympic karate programme?

If karate is selected for the 2016 Olympics, will kata competition be part of it, or only kumite (fighting).

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5 Responses to Will kata be involved in the Olympic karate programme?

  1. Rob B says:

    IMHO, kata would be great but only if it is traditonal kata. None of that XMA gymnastics crap.

    Suggested rules:
    All weapons must be real, made of wood, metal, and/or rope.
    Weapons must be under direct control at all times, no throwing weapons.
    The head can never be inverted with respect to the ground. No flips.
    Spins are limited to 360 degrees.
    The competition area is 20’x20′, penalties for leaving the area.
    Judging is done by a seven panel team on a 1-10 scale, high and low tossed out, no degree of difficulty multipliers.

  2. lahormigaaballarde says:

    If karate is selected for the 2016 Olympics you can be sure that kata competition will be the one to be approved. kumite will not be approved unless they agreed to use protective gears like in TaeKwonDo. And show in a trial that it will be safe for the competidors their rules of choice.

  3. Bujinkan Ninja says:

    I doubt it. They don’t do it with Tae Kwon Do. It will probably just be randori, not kumite.

  4. nwohioguy says:

    Actually yes it will be but you will have to train from a select list of traditional kata only. No made up crap at all and none of the non-martial arts XMA crap.

    There will be two divisions. Single performance based Kata where you run your Kata against your age / rank divisions and Team Kata, or bunkai type of performance Kata where a team performs an organized version of the bunkai from each Kata. Here are some youtube videos of the team bunkai type of kata divisions which are really cool:


    There are many more just search Team kata on youtube.

    On the kumite side I seriously doubt that they would approve as much gear as TKD. The emphasis on Kumite in traditional Karate is quite different than Olympic TKD. Addition of all that gear would take the true spirit out of it. Here are some videos of WKF Kumite matches:


  5. Shihan J says:

    yes it will be and as others have said it must be traditional kata, along with kobudo.
    they have guidelines for this and how they are to be preformed


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