Will there be a huge surge in martial arts when the new Karate Kid is released?

Do you think there will be a lot of people joining martial arts schools when the new Karate Kid is released?

Also, what do you think of the film being called “Karate Kid” when it has no Karate but Kung Fu and set in China?

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8 Responses to Will there be a huge surge in martial arts when the new Karate Kid is released?

  1. drew says:

    fuck no, nobody wants to see that lame ass movie

  2. jinglehimer36 says:

    Maybe, but the new remake looks pretty bad and cheesy.

  3. rising phoenix says:

    i don’t think so.when the original karate kid came out martial arts didn’t have a lot of diffusion as they do today.maybe some kids will want to practice martial arts when they see the new movie but i don’t think it will be significant.
    maybe it won’t be a flaw at the box office but i do not think it will be a classic like the original.maybe it will have an impact as kids or teenagers will get interested in Chinese martial arts but i still don’t think it will be significant and many of the people who will try martial arts after this film may drop out after a year or so,maybe less.it may be good propaganda for mcdojos though.

  4. Sensei Ono says:

    If that terrible movie had that positive result, I suppose that would be a fair trade – though I doubt it will be popular enough to have a significant impact one way or the other.

    There’ll be some cute dialog and maybe some catchy phrases, but over all, I don’t expect the movie to be good.

  5. Integrated Self Defense Services says:

    I think there will be a surge in interest in the traditional chinese martial arts. I don’t think it will be as huge as it was for the original karate kid for karate.

    And for those who think this movie is going to suck, that’s Will Smith’s son. Do you think Will Smith would sign off on his son starring in a movie that would be a career ender for the boy? I think the movie will surprise you.

  6. possum says:

    I absolutely love the movies. Everytime one comes out, I get a 15% increase in students signing up. You can’t beat that marketing. I teach taekwondo, not karate as in the original movies. Yet I still saw an increase in signups.

    Yes, folks “in the know” cringe when we see “karate” being tossed around generically. I belonged to many a “taekwondo karate” school, because lots of people didn’t know what “taekwondo” was, but thanks to Karate Kid, they knew what “karate” was.

  7. MartialArtsGuy says:

    They’ll be a spike and some of those folks will stick. I’m wondering if I’ll finally get some adult students. Hmmmm.

  8. The Press says:

    Yes, absolutely .

    Although this new revamped version of a classic may not appeal to an older audience and the fans of the original Karate Kid movies it should still be a hit with the younger demographic. I found the main character’s statement of the original Karate Kid (Ralph Demacchio who played Daniel Larusso) very true. He basically said it’s going to be hard for the new cast to be entertaining to the true fans of the series, and it’s going to be especially hard for Jackie Chan to fill the role of Mr. Miyagi.

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