Would a Kubotan stick be a good self defense weapon for a college girl?

I was going to get a kubotan stick for my sister. Is that a good choice for a self defense weapon since she lives on college campus? They don’t allow pepper spray or stun guns on her campus, so it looks like the kubaton stick that fastens to her keyring is my best choice for her. What do you all think?

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4 Responses to Would a Kubotan stick be a good self defense weapon for a college girl?

  1. Peace through blinding force says:

    FBI data shows resistance with “other” weapons (their categories are gun, knife or other) is MORE likely than cooperation to get you hurt and to cost you your property.

    FBI data agrees with the Tae-Kwon-Do Master Ki-Wang Kim that “for self-defense, a gun is best.”

  2. MrZ says:

    Not unless your sister is trained in some form of hand to hand combat. If she isn’t, then buy her a pair of running shoes. The Kubotan is designed for close quarters fighting, it is not a tool you can grab and instinctively know how to use. I would go with the pepper spray, and deal with campus security after she used it to save herself.

  3. Starlord says:

    There is an old saying that asking forgiveness is better than asking permission. some states consider the Kubotan to be a deadly weapon, however, I agree that in the hands of an untrained person, the Kubotan is no more effective than your fists. Give her pepper spray and hang campus security.

  4. Eric says:

    Yes a kubotan stick is a very good self-defense tool especially when your options are limited. You can learn the techniques of how to use a kubotan in about a half hour and it is cheap and better than not having anything in your hand. I found a pretty good information blog about college girls getting a kubotan below.

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