Would the karate guys win?

If there was 50 black belt karate guys who had to fight 10 us marines and the marines had full tactical gear like body armor and all that and they were all armed with m249 machine guns how would the fight go down
But the marines have guns and can also call in air strikes
Yes but you haven’t said how the fight would go down

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7 Responses to Would the karate guys win?

  1. Shinjitsu Karate says:

    It would go about as bad as you fighting a ballerina , you would get wrecked.

  2. Buddy says:


    Dude the marines have guns and no amount of black belts can do anything unless they too have guns but the marines are still better shots most likely!

  3. CharryChuCinder12 says:

    Being a black belt in karate does not mean that you are a master in karate, so it would be the u.s. marines. Besides, why would they be fighting like this in the first place?

  4. Vigilant_apathetic says:

    You have to understand that karate (in these days) is little more exciting than boxing; there are a lot of rules for fairness in the fight, e.g. if a person falls, the other person lets them up. The marines on the other hand are taught to wrestle and subdue the enemy using any means necessary.

    However, if both teams had the same gear and equipment, I would go with the karate guys for their larger numbers.

  5. Alex Lee says:

    If the marines had no guns, and the black belts legitimately earned their rank in Japan, than the marines would lose.

  6. PsychopathicKids says:

    Well, obviously guns are going to win the war. It’d last five seconds, no air strikes would be necessary.

  7. rat says:

    Depends, I’m assuming that your “black belts” are shotokan (my style) and I am modeling them after a friend of mine (who is 1st dan) and I would say that the marines would win, why? guns idiot.
    At range, karate is not that great, you can’t punch 20 metres, but you can shoot a bullet that far.

    Mate, if you need clarification on this, than you are an idiot.

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