Written description of kata “Hama Higa No Tonfa”?

I am looking for a written description of the Okinawan tonfa kata “hama higa no tonfa.” I have a video of the kata, but I would like to use a written description of the movements to use while I practice.
I am tired of doing “tonfa kata ichi”, nobody in my dojo has specialized in tonfa, and I am prohibited from going outside my dojo to take private lessons from a black belt at another dojo, The master at my dojo will look at what I have learned and make suggestions, but he charges $150.00 per hour for a private lesson. I have an excellent video showing Fumio Demura doing this kata.

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  1. awesomest chick says:

    i would help you if i had any idea what you are talking about

  2. Shihan J says:

    there are a few books on this kata

    richard kim wrote a series of kobudo books i think this one is in book 2 or 3

    another book on it is


    you should have an instructor to teach you properly how to use the tonfa and perform the kata

    edit, i know 3 kama, 4 sai kata, 6 tonfa kata, 12 bo kata, and a whole slew of iaido kata. when i started training under shihan Demura, he started me off with all kihan weapon kata for over a year. i have forgot more kobudo kata then most of his students in class ever knew. and i still had to go through that.
    i have training i 3 different kobudo styles.
    my first kobudo kata i did for 5 years before i leaned the second one.

    it is not how many kata you know, it is how well you understand the kata. you learn kihan kata for a reason, when you are ready your instructor will teach you the next one.

    books and videos are meant for reference and not as the solo source of training. i can tell when a person learns a kata from a book and when he was self taught. its a lot more work getting out all the mistakes they make when they learn it from a book.

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